Unique and incomparable

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Debido a su lugar de nacimiento y las condiciones edafoclimáticas en las que crece, difiere del resto de aceites de oliva del mercado.


Olive oil comes directly from the Almazara.

Early harvest

Unique quality fresh green olive oil.


Fruity, bitter and spicy.

From the Almazara to your home

Olive oil from Altiplano

Geographically, the olive trees from which the olives pressed in the Almazara come are located in the Northwest of the Altiplano Murciano.

Altitude, climate and soil typology confer this area unique and special edaphoclimatic qualities..

Frequent questions

. Acidity measures the amount of free oleic acid that olive oil contains. That is why acidity is a general indicator of virgin olive oils quality. The lower the degree of acidity, the higher the quality of olive oil, as a result of optimal fruit picking and oil production practices 

In order for olive oil to be considered extra virgin, its maximum free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, must be under 0.8 grams per 100 grams. Acidity is expressed as oleic acid because this is the main fatty acid par excellence in olive oil.

. Early olive oil or early harvest olive oil is the olive juice extracted from olives at their optimum stage of maturity, that is, when olives are turning color (veraison). Depending on the variety, at this stage of maturation, olives are green, yellowish-green or purplish-green. Oils obtained at this stage of maturity are highly aromatic and their color is usually green, as they contain more chlorophyll than oils obtained from ripe olives, which will be more yellowish due to their higher quantity of carotene. 

No. Bitterness, as well as spiciness, is a characteristic of olive oil. These two attributes, together with fruitiness, are always found in the best extra virgin olive oils. This is the case of our olive oil: fruity, bitter and spicy. You will love it!

The difference between filtered and unfiltered olive oil is that the latter retains some solids in suspension and a small amount of water coming from the olives.

This is the reason why unfiltered olive oils have a turbid appearance.

. Unfiltered olive oils must be consumed in a short period of time from the moment of their manufacturing because the pulp and water left ferment quickly causing their degradation.

We always filter the oils that are going to be packed to guarantee that their qualitative attributes remain intact for as much time as possible.

Olive oil is a 100% natural product. It evolves with the passing of time and its flavor and attributes can decrease, that is, it can lose its characteristic flavor and aroma.

The period of time in which all its sensory attributes remain intact under optimal storage conditions is known as best before date.It is individually shown on each container and it is never above 18 months from its packing.

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