Olive oil from Altiplano

Where was Altiplano born?

The olive trees which the olives pressed in the Almazara come from are located in the municipal areas of Ontur (Albacete) and mainly Jumilla (Murcia) Specifically, on the Northwest of the Altiplano Murciano,in its northern border with Campos de Hellín.

Agricultural production in this area is low due to low rainfall and the poor quality of the soil. On the contrary, these features, together with altitude, provide this olive oil with more aromatic complexity and a higher content of antioxidant polyphenols. 

olivar ecológico del altiplano

Altiplano is unique. Its place of birth, attributes, color, smell and flavor lend it a special and incomparable character.

5 different olive varieties are pressed in the Almazara.

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aceite virgen extra ecológico en garrafa
aceite virgen extra ecológico botella cristal

Quality Organic Olive Oil

Olivares del Altiplano produces its olive oil under the organic certificate CAAE,  and the family olive-growing business is grown under organic certificate CAAE in Castilla-La Mancha and CAERM in the Región de Murcia.  

. Organic agriculture is a system of agricultural production which aims to produce high-quality products, respecting the environment. One of its main objectives is the preservation and improvement of soil fertility, without using chemical fertilizers.

Our Almazara

The Almazara is located in Ontur, in the south-east of Albacete. It borders the Region of Murcia, specifically Jumilla.

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